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Covid-19 Has Led To A Sharp Increase In Depression And Anxiety

Human brains are a powerful thing! Millions of Americans suffering from a sort or other mental disorder. The COVID-19 pandemic makes life extremely difficult for those suffering from mental illness.

There are many types of medically recognized kinds of mental illnesses. This article will concentrate on anxiety disorders during COVID 19.

Acute Anxiety Disorder is a condition in which the body reacts to stress differently. Humans experience stressors every day. There’s stress at work as well as financial stress, family anxiety, stress from religion marriage stress, stress of parenting and many other stressors.

Stress is like a sledgehammer striking your body. If not dealt with the stress can cause death. The way your body responds to these stresses is vital to the overall health of your body.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, there are additional stresses that affect thousands of Americans. I’ll list a few of them, but there are numerous others.

The risk of sickness and death. The possibility of losing a lucrative job. The risk of your loved ones becoming sick and dying. The uncertain future. The risk of the economy going into a trough and you losing your retirement.

The risk to run into necessities that your family needs. The risk of famine or being unable to get enough food to take in. The risk of being homeless. The possibility of feeling isolated from loved ones and family members. The possibility of being judged by society as a negative person If you test positively for COVID-19.If you feeling seek and want to test for Covid, you can get free rapid Covid test nearby your area.

The pressure of having children at home while working. The stress of caring for children even when there are no day-cares open. The pressure of paying your employees or the need to keep your small business operating. Stress of paying your bills.

Let’s face it these stressors can be enough to put anyone suffering from the anxiety disorder condition.

The anxiety disorder’s most basic definition is when your body responds negative to stressful. It’s akin to an instinctive response to fight or flight to stress. A person’s brain can only handle so much before it will cause mental collapse.

Based on Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx,

These are the three most common signs someone may have contracted COVID-19:

  1. Fever

  2. Dry cough

  3. Breathlessness

They’ve learned that each patient is unique. Patients may experience fatigue muscles aches, chills and redness around the eyes nausea, headache vomiting, and intense abdominal discomfort.

Certain patients have no symptoms and carry COVID-19, but no symptoms.

Due to these typical symptoms and carriers that are asymptomatic, it is not possible to conclude that all patients are affected by COVID-19, without having it checked. The public is being advised to assume that all sufferers have the virus since the symptoms are very common.

Anxiety disorders manifest throughout the body in a variety of similar ways. It is not unusual for someone who is under extreme stress to display the symptoms listed below:

  1. Muscle Aches

  2. Headache

  3. Nausea

  4. Fatigue

  5. Insufficiency in the immune system that can lead to an increase in fever.

  6. Diarrhea

  7. Breathing problems

  8. Tightness in the chest

  9. Insufficiency of muscle strength in arms and legs

  10. Disorientation

  11. Inspirations of anger and anger and

One can be convinced that they’ve contracted COVID-19 when actually, they suffer from severe anxiety disorders.

The first step is to schedule appointments with your doctor and seek medical advice. Other options include cutting media including news and social media out of your lives by exercising regularly, staying clear of caffeine and getting enough rest. There are prescriptions the doctor may prescribe that are not addictive, but can assist in relaxing your body and decrease anxiety.

If you’re a disciple in the name of Jesus Christ the most important thing you can do is to pray. Request Jesus to ease your fear and provide grace to cope in peace.

If one is a follower of Jesus Christ, they are never in a lonely place. God is always there and working to their benefit. He is their power and gives them the strength to conquer anxiety disorders. Jesus takes care of every single aspect about their daily lives and especially anxiety disorders. He will be there for those in emergency.

Final Words

COVID-19 as well as Anxiety Disorder are extremely real threats and in the wake of jobs being cut, shutdowns of the government and illnesses, people who suffer from mental illnesses struggle. I hope this article can give readers confidence that they can recognize the distinction between anxiety and the covid and not worry when they start to show symptoms.

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